World of Tanks – Thoughts

Right, time to start looking at WoT again, my garage is quite different now running from Tier II Premiums (Sealclubs) to Tier IX’s with a few favourite tanks emerging recently. And for the foodies out there, new recipes ahoy as I have now branched out (mostly successfully) into baking


London Poppies


World of Tanks, Thumbnail Reviews M41

The Ryanair Gun


Because the shells land nowhere near where they say they will.

On the extremely rare occasion this SPG is on target the Shell does good damage, but the chance of it being so is, in my experience, remote.

World of Tanks, Thumbnail Reviews

The T25/2.

This is, by all measures a very poor vehicle, coming from the excellent Hellcat it’s a huge disappointment, the Gun is the same top gun from the Hellcat which was Good against Tier 6 and 7 Opponents but while it struggles to penetrate Tier 8 opposition in the Hellcat you can use speed to get flank shots or relocate – the T25/2 has no speed, it is in effect a sub par Tier 7 Medium.

It leads to the T28 Prototype, which has issues all of it’s own.

Tales of the RRPD

I now have – well have had for a while to be honest, an internet radio show, 8-10pm Sundays (UK Time)

It’s most popular feature so far are the ‘Files of the RRPD’ the ongoing cases of Detective Destoroyah

This Handsome chap



Minstry of Magic Obelisk

Minstry of Magic Obelisk

Where a muggle can sit and rest…




It’s a lot smaller than you think